5 ways a professional co-host can maximise your airbnb income

5 Ways a professional co-host can maximise your airbnb income

Listing your whole home on Airbnb offers a chance to earn higher rental returns. However, income is not guaranteed, so hosts need to put in some time and effort to ensure their property is placed high in search results, to secure more bookings.

Most home owners don’t have the time to make Airbnb a full-time gig, and it is those hosts that benefit most from hiring a co-host.

Here are 5 ways a professional co-host can maximise your Airbnb income.


1. Key Management and Guest Services

The physical logistics of key management include meeting the guest onsite and storing spare keys for tradesman and guest emergencies. Your co-host will monitor the location of keys to minimise the cost of having to replace locks. If your guest locks themselves out of the house or happens to lose keys on the beach, your co-host is available with a spare set.

Guest services such as check-in, check-out and guest communications all take time away from the host. A co-host can save you that time. They can also increase your chances of gaining 5-star reviews, from the personal attention they give to your guests – on your behalf. Better reviews will increase your position in search results, which means more bookings and more income.

2. Housekeeping

Cleanliness is the most important aspect of a short-term rental. It doesn’t matter if you provide luxury bathroom amenities and a lovely welcome pack, if the property is not clean, you risk a negative review.

A co-host can supervise cleaning, to ensure it is done to a high standard. Cleaners should be given your cleaning checklist, so that nothing is missed. A co-host will train cleaners to look out for any missing items and report damaged property.

3. Insurance Claims

Airbnb requires photographic or video evidence, to confirm property damage was caused by a certain guest. This needs to be done as soon as possible after guest check-out. Your co-host can provide you with the evidence you need for a successful insurance claim. They can also complete an incident report, if your guest injures themselves at your property.

Most hosts want to avoid their home being turned into a party-house. Not only to minimise noise complaints, but to avoid property damage and theft. Your co-host can communicate your ‘no-party’ house rules and establish a means of supervision, by letting your guests know they are not far away.

4. Rental Rate

The best way to maximise your rental return is to make sure your nightly rate is accurate and competitive. You don’t want to be undercharging your guests, but you also don’t want to price yourself out of the market.

Rental rates need to be in line with your closest competition. If you don’t have time to monitor the market according to seasonal and event fluctuations, your co-host can assist you to set your nightly rate.

5. Maintenance and Repairs

A co-host can keep an eye out for maintenance issues, because small issues can add up to costly repairs. Things like loose door hinges, replacement light bulbs, chipped crockery and torn sheets, can all affect the presentation of the property and may result in negative reviews.

A co-host can arrange emergency repairman for larger issues such as water leaks, broken water heater, broken air conditioner, smashed windows and anything else that will affect the safety of your guest. A well-maintained home will decrease the chance of guests checking out early, resulting in lost income.

Fivestarhost provide professional co-hosting services to help maximise your rental income. A professional co-host can manage your keys for guest check-in and check-out, supervise cleaning, attend maintenance issues, and many other services to assist hosts with running a successful Airbnb business. Contact us today for a free consultation.