How do you manage the keys to my property?

We provide two options to store keys (1) Lock-box or (2) Physical Storage:

(1) Lock-box – For houses/townhouses/duplexes, we can install a police approved lock-box onto your property. The keys are locked away in a small safe that can only be accessed with a code. The keys will need to be placed back into the lock-box by the guest. Your co-host will check they have been securely returned for your next guest.

(2) Physical Storage – If your apartment complex does not allow a lock-box installation, we will store your keys at our office.  At check-in, guests can collect keys from our office or your co-host can greet guests at the property. At check-out, guests will need to drop keys back to our office letterbox (either Bundall or Tweed). They can do this at any time of the day or night, we find guests prefer a quick letterbox drop to save time. If for any reason your guest leaves keys at the property, your co-host can easily retrieve them and ensure your property is locked up.

Spare sets of keys will be stored at our office for your co-host to use in case of emergency (such as a guest being locked out, or lost keys). We will also manage keys for your maintenance people, valuers, pest inspectors etc – at no additional cost.

Why would I need a co-host if I live locally?

Many of our Airbnb hosts live on the Gold Coast and many need to drive more than 20-30 minutes to their property, so for them it is a matter of saving time out of their busy schedule or a general requirement to separate their business from personal life.

We are going on holidays and just want to Airbnb our home for the time we are away, can we just order your management service and then pickup the keys when we get back?

Yes, we can manage your guests in your absence and then we can arrange a convenient time to drop the keys to you or leave them in a safe place for when you return. There is a minimum charge of one month subscription.

What is involved with your housekeeping service?

Housekeeping a short-term rental is similar to a hotel,  it involves a clean after each guest checks out. Standard housekeeping includes: kitchen clean, vacuum, mop, bathroom clean, dusting, upholstery spills, wall marks, general tidy up. If you have ordered the premium housekeeping service, this also includes laundry service and restocking supplies.

What happens if I have something go missing from my home?

Every Airbnb guest is required to provide contact details to confirm their bookings, which allows you to contact Airbnb directly in the event of a theft. We also recommend home owners obtain house and content insurance to cover these situations. Our housekeepers are insured and police-checked before they begin employment with us to mitigate risk. We do not conduct an asset register, however during a check out clean our housekeepers will be able to see if anything substantial is missing, such as an appliance or piece of furniture and we will notify you as soon as possible.

How do you conduct your laundry service?

Our housekeepers are experienced in short-term rental cleaning. Your linen will be washed, folded and put away at your home. If there is limited time, we will take them to be commercially dried and returned for the next clean. We recommend that you provide at least two sets of linen for each of your beds to ensure there is always fresh linen for new guests.

Who provides the supplies for restocking?

Some hosts choose to provide basic supplies for guests to make their stay more comfortable. If you are signed up to our premium housekeeping service, we restock basic supplies using locally sourced, zero-waste products (without packaging). We can restock items such as dishwashing liquid, laundry powder, soap bars, hand soap and epsom salts. The host is responsible for providing the glass jars and soap pump bottles, pump dispensers and anything else you may like to provide to guests beyond basic necessities.

I can take good photographs from my phone, what would be the benefit of professional photography?

Our professional photographer will take photographs that sell all the features of your rental property to ensure it gets noticed in the sea of listings. Property photographers are experienced at finding the best lighting and the best angles to produce beautiful photographs that tell a story about your property.

Our photography fees are very affordable and your investment is repaid in a matter of weeks. Airbnb has stated that professional photographs can earn up to 40% more by increasing your bookings and nightly rate.

I consider my home to be well presented, what is the benefit of professional ‘Home Styling’?

Our qualified interior designer can provide advice on such things as; what kind of layout will appeal most to Airbnb guests, what kind of furniture is most practical, what colour scheme attracts the most attention in listings etc. 

A professional opinion may be all that you need to improve your homes presentation.  We can adjust the service to match your requirements, e.g. our designer can charge an hourly rate for some styling tips, or perhaps put together a package to help you refurnish and modernise your entire home.

Do you provide an emergency maintenance service?

We provide all guests with an emergency contact number for any unfortunate mishaps such as burst pipes or electrical faults. Your host manager will arrange for the relevant tradesman to attend the emergency and ensure your home is safe for your guests. Your co-host will then follow-up to ensure works have been completed to standard and forward the invoice to you for payment.

How will you notify me of any maintenance issues if I have not ordered a condition report?

Hosts are usually notified of any major maintenance issues from guests during their stay or from our housekeepers whilst conducting a ‘Check-Out’ clean. Your co-host will report any issues to you asap. You can then choose to order our maintenance service to manage the issues on your behalf.

What maintenance issues do you note during an inspection?

Our property managers are trained to identify superficial maintenance issues such as plumbing leaks, electrical faults and cabinetry repairs. We inspect the property both internally and externally. Our checklist includes items such as confirming fire extinguishers, testing smoke detectors, checking lights and water pressure, ensure exterior gutters and drains are clear of debris, checking window and door locks. We also make a note of the general condition of fittings and fixtures – in accordance with Form 1a condition report issued by the residential tenancies authority of Queensland.

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